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I object to the orchestra world’s obsession with size and rank as a measure of quality. The most exciting concerts are the ones where every musician is straining beyond their limits to turn in their best. This has nothing to do with size.
Posted on: Nov 25 2010 10:12 AM by Andy Buelow
In the music profession as a whole we place so much emphasis on virtuosity of performance that sometimes I think we heap shame on the amateur practice of music. In effect, the message we send is “don’t try this at home.”
Posted on: Nov 18 2010 04:29 AM by Andy Buelow
Remember Rodney Dangerfield, the perpetually downtrodden figure who could "get no respect"? Try being a professional musician.
Posted on: Nov 11 2010 09:40 AM by Andy Buelow
I was calling new subscribers -- on Election Day, of all things -- and I spoke with one person who reminded me what this Orchestra business is all about.
Posted on: Nov 04 2010 06:36 AM by Andy Buelow